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We are a group of Blackpool fans who love football, the seaside and all things tangerine!

We are a fan-run blog, using guest writers to provide fresh content for fellow Blackpool fans. We run the site for fun in our spare time whilst completing our day jobs.

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About utmp

utmp was set up by three Blackpool FC fans in June 2020 with a view to creating BFC-related content in a written, audible and image-led form. We combined the skills of the three of us to give fellow members of a tangerine persuasion some content we thought would be interesting. We do this purely for our love of the game and BFC itself and do not make a profit from this.

Our priority will always be on creating good content for Blackpool fans around the world and we will look to support and promote local businesses, fellow fans and initiatives which put the club in a positive light. utmp prides itself on offering BFC fans a place for intelligent and respectful debate about the issues that matter to them.


utmp is 100 percent unofficial, completely independent, funded and managed by Blackpool fans for fellow Seasiders. utmp / upthemightypool is not affiliated to any other BFC related fans’ networks, websites or organisations. The views and opinions on utmp in no way represent the views of Blackpool Football Club. Moreover, the views and opinions within the website are not always those of utmp and should be attributed to the contributor.