February review and (belated) March Preview

It’s a preview of the next month but one that’s arriving fashionably late. Hopefully late like a Matty Virtue run to the near post as opposed to late like a James Husband tackle after the ball has sailed over his head… I predicted a non-stop onslaught of Pool victories in the previous article and itContinue reading “February review and (belated) March Preview”

Opinion: January Review and February Preview by Mitch Cook’s Left Foot

Me writing for utmp feels a bit like when some random odd band gets on the telly at tea time cos they’re playing Glastonbury. I feel like it’s a proper football blog with readers, heatmaps, stats, a proper header logo and everything so it’s all a bit daunting when my analysis generally consists of aContinue reading “Opinion: January Review and February Preview by Mitch Cook’s Left Foot”

One year since Sunderland… Squad Review

Yes, Christmas came early, another new addition to the utmp writing team! @MitchCooksLeftFoot joins us and will be chipping in with a few special editions for utmp. If you like his stuff and want more regular content then visit his pride and joy here Mitch Cook’s Left Foot. As there is no game, he givesContinue reading “One year since Sunderland… Squad Review”